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As you go hunting, you will realize that it is not enough for you to have the adventurous spirit and the adrenaline for the fun that you are about to have. In most instances, you’ll have to demonstrate preparedness, which will be impacted by having the right gear, gear such as that which is mentioned in the best hunting bow reviews.
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Specialist off-road electric bikes aren’t legal for road use, so we’re not spending a lot of time on them in this review. However, you may be interested in learning a few facts about these monstrosities. They’re lightweight yet tough with fat, all-terrain tires, advanced brakes, and speeds in excess of 50 mph.
So before I crown a victor, let me put this out there – I am not entirely sold on the fanny pack. Maybe I’ll be completely alone on this, but hydration bags are just so damn convenient. Why spend time awkwardly fumbling around for a water bottle when you can run a spigot straight to your face? Hell, I stay better hydrated when I wear a bag because it’s so much easier and I’m not worried about running out of water. Not to mention that I don’t have to worry about salmonella because maybe my carbon wonder bike only has one water cage, and it’s located in the most inaccessible place imaginable.
Currently I get about 20-30km (round trip range) using a combination of power levels (from lowest, 1 to highest, 9) depending on the headwind, ground surface, hilliness and how fast I want to go. I’m pretty sure I could extend this to the suggested 40km if I used only power level 1 or 2, with pedal assist, but I bought this bike for speed, so typically I’m in the power level 3 through 8 range. 🙂
Addresses in the following State Codes AK, HI, AE, AP, AA, PR, GU, MP, PW, AS, VI, FM and APO/FPO addresses with U.S. ZIP Codes will ship for free with value shipping. You will see this noted in checkout.
This was the bag I was easily the most excited about because of the hydration bladder integration. Many of the enduro bikes we review here at Bikerumor do not have a convenient spot for a water bottle cage, so this fanny pack seemed to offer the holy grail of usability and enduro trail cred.
The second flat occurred about a week later on the front wheel. The puncture was more traditional, in that it was on the side of the tube where the wheel makes contact with the ground, suggesting a sharp object on the ground pierced the wheel and tube. (However it was a little off to one side so a pinch puncture isn’t necessarily out of the question. See note below).
CARDIO FITNESS. Essentially you can gauge the value of your training on heart rate. To gain cardio fitness you have to raise your heart rate to a prescribed training level. The commonly accepted formula is 220-your age x .80-.90. For me the formula would be 220 – 66 = 154 x .85 = 131. So I try to do most of my training at a heart rate of at least 131. To learn more and to quickly calculate your training heart rate, Google “training heart rate.”
If you’re looking for the best hunting bow for the money that you are looking to spend, you want to make sure that it is adjustable so that you can get the best range. This bow presses the limits of performance and is incredibly versatile. The draw length ranges from 13 to 30 inches. The draw weight can range from a mere 5 pounds to an incredible 70 pounds. With such a wide draw range, you can expect this bow to be dependable, no matter the distance the target. The Infinite Edge comes with an infinite draw setting that is ideal for training programs, beginners, and even bow fishers.
“It will be assaulted by the elements, It will be ravaged by time and it will be destroyed by the user. BUT, if you Stick to the little rules: K.I.S.S., Overbuild everything, and test, review, revise, repeat. It will last”
The suggested tyre pressure is 40 psi (as indicated on the tyre rim). I’ve discussed this with some experienced bikers and they expressed concern that it might be a little low and could cause ‘pinching’ punctures on the rim when going over harder objects at speed. This was more my concern for the puncture on the front wheel, however that is only a theory, and as I’ve already said, it could also have been a piercing puncture. However I will keep an eye out for more punctures in the future and hope that my addition of rim tape and puncture resistant tubes will stop any further flat tyres from occurring.
If you’re looking for a low-impact way to hunt, using a mountain bike will serve that purpose very well. It’s quiet, quick, versatile and just plain fun. If you’ve never tried it before, you owe it to yourself to pull that bike off those hooks in the garage, trick it out and hit the woods with it.
Maintenance tasks for an e-bike – chain tension adjustments, brake adjustments – are often the same as they are for ordinary bicycles. You can probably handle these tasks yourself. When electric hunting bike comes to battery and motor maintenance, however, we recommend using an expert.
To discover even more great electric bikes, check out the full list of electric bike reviews and electric bike kits which are ordered by date. You can also use the search tool and advanced search options on the right rail of any page to find bikes by brand, model or type.
Canadian “Dr Bass” is considered one of the pioneers in hot rodding hub motors (read our hot rod hub motor primer here) and has been doing it for years. His motor of choice is the large Crystalyte 5304, the same 25-lb rear hub-motor used in the Stealth Bomber. His bike of choice like many other guerrilla E-bike builders is a full suspension bike with an extra large triangle for convenient mid frame giant battery strap-ons….the Giant Down-Hill Comp. This bikes battery uses 100-volts, and puts out 150-amps for a mind-blowing 15,000 watts (20-horsepower, the national street-legal limit in the US is one-HP). Dr Bass holds the only official world speed record on an electric bike at a verified 58-MPH.  He is in contention with the young guns:  Liveforphysics and Farfle  to break the E-bike 100-MPH barrier. He has his hands full.
Summary: I really like this bike. It is fast, real fast. I feel the Hunter is priced well for a 750W mid-drive off-road bike. My friends have all tried it and they have been impressed with it also. After sales service hasn’t been great in terms of answering their phones, and I still don’t know exactly how fast I’m going, but I don’t need to, I ride by feel not by the speedometer. A little attention to the tyre/tube issues and adding rim tape to the wheel would be advantageous for getting good reviews. 🙂 Having said all that, I would highly recommend buying this bike if you can afford it. 🙂 (Posted on 8/10/2015)
Looking for a summer adventure? How about staying in a fire tower. – You’ll find epic views and fun times in these high up cabins. Our reporter writes, “Touring the Montana fire towers was a trip I won’t soon forget.” – Get all the details here: https://gearjunkie.com/montana-fire-tower-rental-bike-tour ☝️link in profile
The basic geometry of the bike puts the user in an upright position, which is also good. It’s comfortable, lets you ride at low speeds in heavy clothes and still manage all the roots, ruts and rocks in the trail. The bike comes with really, really wide handle bars that add to easy steering.
Liveforphysics, tired of frying fragile and lightweight RC motor setups, has discovered a magical combination of  massive axial flux motors intended for E-motorcycles, Sevcon controllers, and Nano-Tech Hobby King LiPos strapped  onto a custom built non-suspension frame. He is achieving speeds never seen before on an electric bike, all the while keeping his bike’s weight down under 200lbs. My favorite video of his is of the first carnation of the “Death Bike” which he built (in 7 days time) specifically to win a race I was putting on last summer called the “San Francisco Hill Climb”. Here is the crash that ensued and was caught on camera:
A hardtail, fat tire electric bike with high-volume 4.6″ tires, four frame size choices, and an extensive network of dealers in the United States. Sturdy thru-axles provide stiffness and strength, the RockShox Bluto air fork provides comfort with lots……
Unknown: It is still early days for me riding this bike, and the only unknown for me is battery life! All indicators suggest that keeping it ‘almost’ topped up, by recharging once a month and traveling down the street and back a couple of times (say 2kms-ish) is the best way to get the maximum number of recharges and performance out of this battery.
The Defiant Bicycles Big Easy is a first of its kind: a hand-crafted, electric FAT bike that’s Made in the USA. The Defiant is the culmination of over two years of development and is the perfect choice for utility and recreation in virtually any setting.
Cyclists have always been keen on the latest technological advancements for their trusty pedal-powered steeds. From adopting carbon fiber early on, to more recent integrations of electronic shifting, cycle-tech continues to advance. Some recent high…

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  1. The problem with my bike was that there was not a top mounting plate for a kickstand. There was, however, a small opening in my frame for the bolt to extend through. You have got to check out the tire lever that I modified to become the top mounting plate for the kickstand. It works really well, and I have not had to re-tighten or mess with it yet! Simply cut a tire lever with a hack saw to match the width of your frame. And then carve a similar curve with a knife or saw on the other side. Tire levers have this circular indention on one side, and that is exactly where I drilled my hole to fit the kickstand bolt. And voila! The kickstand works great!
    It wasn’t long before I was using my bike for other hunting chores, like hanging tree stands. Of course, you’re not going to carry a ladder stand through the woods on a bike, but lock-on type stands and even some climbers are easy to strap to the rack. By using the front basket to carry a bag of screw-in tree steps, a safety harness and a haul line, and tasking the rear rack to carry the stand, hauling my entire set-up to even remote parts of my hunting property was a simple affair.

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