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“I thought I’d give a fat tire snow bike a try,” Spreng explains. “It worked great on snow and ice, but it wasn’t fast enough for me. So, I put an electric motor on my snow bike. It was brilliant. Now I could go 15 to 20 miles per hour on snow-covered trails and roads while still getting a terrific workout. That’s really how Defiant Bicycles and the Big Easy model were born.”
Again…slowly so you’ll understand…post 40 or so mph human power is irrelevant. You are into motorcycle territory. This magazine is about electric bicycles, not motorcycles. Yes, Tour de France athletes go faster than 40 down an Alp, but that’s a pretty special (gravity powered) situation. Yes, they do 34 on a short time trial, bent over on the profile bars, giving it full whack, but again that isn’t 45 or 55 is it? The max output of a human is 250 Watts. You go past the 5,000 Watts or so you need to do 40 mph plus the human is irrelevant – so take off the pedals and call it what it is – an electric motorcycle (which I agree are super cool by the way). Now electric bike said, “Contrary to popular opinion, the fastest electric bikes in the world right now were built in garages, not in factory workshops.” I’m saying two things. 1 – Since anything going faster than 45mph is no longer affected to any serious degree by the rider’s pedal power then it should no longer be classed as an electric bike, it should be classed as an electric motorcycle – in which case the Mission R is far better looking, better made and way faster than anything on this website – so electricbikes’s comment does not hold water. 2 – I think it’s odd to start calling electric bicycles super fast. That’s not what they are about. They are about a good mix of human and electric power. Go too fast and point 1 comes back into play. Geddit?
An unpressured deer is a different animal: It moves around throughout the day, relaxed and casual in its movements. It strolls into open areas during daylight without even considering that it might need to look up into trees to check for humans.
A three-wheeled electric assist box bike designed to transport up to four children, includes a locking bench seat cargo cubby, full fenders and chain guard, optional canvas cover to keep the kids dry. Solid braking with two 160 mm mechanical disc brakes up front and a linear pull……
@Frippolini – Endurobros don’t wear typical cycling jerseys, skin-tight lycra is clearly for roadies on wagon wheels. The freshest kits from Troy Lee Designs is where it’s at. And those don’t have pockets.
A state park pass is required on all vehicles entering the park. The daily fee is $7.00. Please plan ahead an​d bring exact change to purchase your pass at our self serve station if the latest electric hunting bike station is unattended.
It seems the “enduro” mtbing category has pretty much ripped off the Enduro dirtbikers completely. First, the helmets, then the racing format (Time trial style), then the fannypacks for tools, now even Schwalbe’s “new” tire chambered system copies the motos! What’s next? The engine? Oh wait…
Cogburn understands that there are people who use a bike as human-powered access to the backcountry to hunt and fish. It will be fun to see how other hunters use this machine and what innovations will be made to upcoming editions.
You’re probably thinking that if you can pack twice as much riding into the same amount of time, then surely the bikes are going to wear out twice as fast? The short answer is, yes! And if you’re always riding the same trails, that means more wear and tear on Mother Nature.
As it turns out, what makes an e-bike tick isn’t really that different to a regular mountain bike. Sure, e-MTBs are a lot heavier and unless you’re taking performance-enhancing drugs, it’s unlikely that you’re blasting up every trail as quickly as you normally bomb down them.
As these fat tire bikes have showed up at hunting shows over the last year, I have viewed them more with curiosity than anything, but I as I considered how they might fit into my bowhunting, I am about to take the plunge. I bowhunt whitetails on public land in several states each year, and that often involves getting way back into a property to get away from the crowds. For example, I have found a location where I have killed a couple of mature bucks on public land in Kansas, but it’s a walk of more than 1.5 miles. That’s a long haul before daylight and after dark. Once I shoot a big buck back in there, the distance seems to become even longer.
One of our favorite custom shops—Rough Crafts—has just released its first helmet. So we put it through its paces, along with an armored undershirt from Knox, and new boots from Icon 1000. Get the low down before parting with your cash.
If you’re completely new to ebikes, check out this short video overview and e-book guide that’s free on Amazon if you’ve got Prime. It’s full of pictures and examples to get you acclimated to the space. I’ve also done an in depth video interview about ebikes with my uncle since he has been riding one to work every day for over a year now.
After seeing these features, would you actually consider incorporating a bike into your hunt? The answer for me now is a definite yes, and when you see these things in action, you may be persuaded too.
To all that sit back and bash fanny packs, have you actually worn any of the products tested? Have you ever felt how nice it is to have nothing on your back and shoulders? A relatively small load – what, 3-4 pounds max? – carried by a well-designed waist strap is not going to constrict your waist or hamper breathing. Since you’re probably shuttling up, instead of earning your descent, there’s not going to be much huffing and puffing anyway if your body protests. Also, those of you with a waist size larger than your hips are inherently exempt, since the pack will constantly be sliding off your [trendy and expensive beer] gut…
Summary: I really like this bike. It is fast, real fast. I feel the Hunter is priced well for a 750W mid-drive off-road bike. My friends have all tried it and they have been impressed with it also. After sales service hasn’t been great in terms of answering their phones, and I still don’t know exactly how fast I’m going, but I don’t need to, I ride by feel not by the speedometer. A little attention to the tyre/tube issues and adding rim tape to the wheel would be advantageous for getting good reviews. 🙂 Having said all that, I would highly recommend buying this bike if you can afford it. 🙂 (Posted on 8/10/2015)
The Infinite Edge Blk Ops Rh 3070 is very popular with beginners, but that shouldn’t fool you in case you know you’re advanced enough. Judging by some of the buyers’ reviews we’ve consulted, this unit can be utilized by virtually anyone, regardless of the user’s skills. It’s an exceptionally light bow that is both fast and silent and that comes with an unbeatable penetration power.
The bike that I chose already had a setup for a rear rack. In the past this bike has been used for bicycle touring and I was confident in the rack’s ability to hold weight. I simply installed my rear rack and set the battery box on top of the rack. This was not a very good idea because the battery box was sliding all over the place.
For one of our earliest e-bike group tests back in August 2016 – in association with JE James – we selected three full-suspension bikes from the biggest conventional players, albeit each with a different motor…
The 3G Stepper is a cross between a bicycle and a StairMaster; it rides like a bicycle but is propelled by a vertical motion with your feet on two decks on either side of the frame. You stand up while riding, and your upper body gets as good a workout…
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“I thought I’d give a fat tire snow bike a try,” Spreng explains on Defiant’s CrowdSupply campaign. “It worked great on snow and ice, but it wasn’t fast enough for me. So, I put an electric motor on my snow bike. It was brilliant. Now I could go 15 to 20 miles per hour on snow-covered trails and roads while still getting a terrific workout. That’s really how Defiant Bicycles and the Big Easy model were born.”
The Santa Cruz was my personal favorite since I really want an electric bike that is made specifically for doing big jumps and high speeds. My idea of heaven is a Dh MTB that has an incredibly powerful electric motor and is tough enough to withstand wrecks.
One tactic that Cedric uses to achieve high speeds is by following the rules of aerodynamics, and building a bike that is as aerodynamic and as efficient as possible. The other builders on this list bypassed this step, and Cedric uses this bicycle as daily transportation on real commutes. (read our article about Cedric here) Although this high-efficiency motor uses “old school” brushes, this fact allows builders to use very affordable controllers. He has proven his design choices through thousands of miles of commuting, and the Lynch motor is highly respected.
The meld of biking and hunting is interesting to us and perhaps timely. Ostensibly, the Cogburn bike is an alternative to an ATV. There’s a movement of a younger demographic of hunters that may find a non-motorized option appealing.
Full suspension fat bike with a high quality mid-drive motor from Bosch and their updated 500 watt hour battery pack for extended range. Cool fluorescent paint job that extends all the way through the fork, rear shock housing,……
A hardtail cross country style electric mountain bike with quiet Bafang Max Drive 350-watt mid-drive motor, adjustable top speed upwards of 35 mph position it for private property or OHV use only. Three different colors to choose from – White Lightning, Carbon Black, and Gun Metal Gray……
If you buy a used or new bike, and you are going to use a mid-drive motor kit, don’t invest your money into the front derailleur or one with a nice double or triple crank set up front. You will be removing these components, if using the mid-drive kit. So, look for single speed bikes or fixies. The problem with fixie bikes is that they are generally a minimalist bike without eyelets for rack attachments etc.
In full-electric mode, the Pedego City Commuter Classic Electric Bike is capable of moving at up to 20 mph for anywhere from 15 to 30 miles. There are two further options: power-assisted pedaling or fully “unplugged” riding. Renowned Shimano gears are easy to select. Seldom do we come across a product so universally praised by owners. It’s not cheap, but comments like “Everything I hoped for!” and “Outstanding!” tell us that it’s money well spent.
A step-thru urban electric bike that hits a sweet spot between cruiser comfort and city efficiency performance, adjustable angle stem, locking suspension fork and hydraulic disc brakes. The bike comes with fenders, a sturdy oversized rack (with standard gauge pannier rods), integrated……
The bag was on the larger side, but its breathability and excellent fit made it one of the most comfortable. All of these features comes at a price. The Osprey retails for $69.99, which is the second highest in our test.

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