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But my rationale for going cheap was that I knew from the onset of this project that my bike would be used for one purpose only: hunting. General abuse — crossing creeks and being tossed over barbed-wire fences, hidden in brushpiles and left outside for months at a time — was going to be the rule for this bike; it wouldn’t hang by hooks in the garage for very long.
Electric mountain bikes have also boomed lately. Obviously the attraction of getting to the top of the hills faster and easier is there for all to see. Similarly, that assistance can balance the drag of the knobbly tyres.
The coolest and most innovative thing about the Rambo bikes is that the motor bikes feature an intelligent power control option. That is, when you start pedaling, the power boost kicks in. When you stop pedaling, it also stops. You can adjust the power setting from 0 to 9, with 0 meaning no power assistance, and 9 indicating the most.
Living in the cramped quarters of the typical city-dweller, Graham Hill founded LifeEdited, a website focused on reducing one’s non-necessities to live a more efficient life. His latest space-saving trick comes in the form of ThinBike, announced…
So before I crown a victor, let me put this out there – I am not entirely sold on the fanny pack. Maybe I’ll be completely alone on this, but hydration bags are just so damn convenient. Why spend time awkwardly fumbling around for a water bottle when you can run a spigot straight to your face? Hell, I stay better hydrated when I wear a bag because it’s so much easier and I’m not worried about running out of water. Not to mention that I don’t have to worry about salmonella because maybe my carbon wonder bike only has one water cage, and it’s located in the most inaccessible place imaginable.
Farfle decided one motor was not enough for his latest race bike creation and took 2 Golden Motor Magic Pies and joined them into one. He re-made many of the parts inside the motor.  He then laboriously (over 40  hours)  rewound his Frankenstein hub motor (a grueling job) and cut air cooling holes to end up with one of the most powerful hub motors ever put on a bicycle .The bicycle itself was purpose built from Autocad files to welding bench, to final frame. This bike has a top speed of over 70mph and still is used as a commuter and has over a thousand miles on it.  Recommend Farfle to bulders everywhere: Build to last…
I received my ALL TERRAIN 750 right before my month long Colorado archery deer and elk hunt. I was able to quietly get in to places in 15 minutes that used to take me over an hour to hike in! If you are a serious hunter that wants to get away from the crowds to hunt then you NEED one of these bikes. I did a ton of research and comparing and M2S hands down has the best bike / customer service for the price, period!
Top of the line 500 watt electric bike kit with a focus on acceleration and low end torque for climbing. Unique center-spoked design for improved comfort and wheel durability, narrow casing accommodates a larger cassette……
The meld of biking and hunting is interesting to us and perhaps timely. Ostensibly, the Cogburn bike is an alternative to an ATV. There’s a movement of a younger demographic of hunters that https://electrichuntingbikes.com find a non-motorized option appealing.
But it doesn’t have ENDURO in it’s name! I kid. That bag does look rad. For this year, Dakine has also introduced a smaller version of the bag in this review….and the RaceFace Rip Strip also seems interesting.
The weight of the bow can be a huge factor when you are trying to choose from the top ten hunting bows. When the bow is too heavy, you will find that the bow is too uncomfortable to hold and you may even feel fatigued. Also, keep in mind that the total weight of the bow will be a little higher once you add the quiver full of arrows into the mix. Of course, if the bow is too light, you will find it is too hard to keep it steady while trying to take aim.
Two big trends that have stormed the bicycle industry over the past few years are pedal-assisted electric drivetrains and fat tires. These two trends converge in Defiant Bicycles’ Big Easy. Unlike other electric bikes that stop at the edge of the street, the Big Easy keeps rolling over some of the toughest, most sluggish terrain on Earth – everything from hot sand to cold, mushy snow.
The Defiant Bicycles Big Easy is a first of its kind: a hand-crafted, electric FAT bike that’s Made in the USA. The Defiant is the culmination of over two years of development and is the perfect choice for utility and recreation in virtually any setting.
“It will be assaulted by the elements, It will be ravaged by time and it will be destroyed by the user. BUT, if you Stick to the little rules: K.I.S.S., Overbuild everything, and test, review, revise, repeat. It will last”
As a means of making our Defiant more versatile than ever, we equipped it with a 500 watt electric motor. This allows you to carry more with you on a long commute, adventurous tour, or hunting expedition in all conditions. The electric assist also means that your bike has become more utilitarian than ever. Single-occupant trips by car become less necessary, which will save you money in the long run all the while allowing you to burn calories you wouldn’t if you made small trips by car.
Are the gears in your head turning? Would you like to join the elite 50-MPH club and accomplish what only a handful of people have done on youtube? Do you have an extra $3000 to spend and are good with your hands? Remember 50-MPH bikes are for offroad use only and safety gear is highly recommended.
One of the most beautiful, well balanced electric bikes I’ve ever tested, silent belt drive with internally geared eight speed Shimano Alfine hub. Modest 250 watt front hub motor (custom tuned), perfectly integrated downtube battery and new optional……
Cedric Lynch not only built his electric bike around a mid-drive, but also built one of the worlds most efficient light weight motors to power his rig reliably at 60-MPH for great distances. He would later set several world records with his axial flux motor and bring it to market as the Lynch / Agni motor. Briggs and Stratton would eventually buy this technology which would lead to the Etek motor, which is now famous for making high speed efficient electric hot rods (see our story on the original e-bike hot rodders).
The second e-bike of our household. This thing looks even more gangster than it does in the photos. A real head turner. The BBS02 has power to burn and with the “Hot Rod-ing” of the throttle makes the world of difference to the way the kit responds. The other bike a BBS02 is not a Hot Rod and its going to have to be now that I have ridden one that is. The Hunter is not built for lightness. It is a heavy bike. The front fork works extremely well and handles all the bumps. The seatpost also aides the ride as it has a spring on it as well.The seat is also a relatively padded one. The The Hydrolic brakes work very well. My other bike has a Shimano 10 speed free wheel on the rear derailer. This gives an excellent range and combined with the standard front cog on the BBS02 is well matched. The Deore is a good quality unit and I am happy to see it on the Hunter as well.The only thing missing IMHO is a mid drive gear changer sensor. I have one on my home build. Problem is you can’t have a gear sensor and a e-brake cutoff so Dillenger have gone for safety over function on this one point. Bafang needs to build a splitter cable for the e-brake cut out plug which allows you to split into two plugs so you can have the e-brake as well as a gear sensor running on the same plug. Full points to you Dillenger for putting this one together – an almost complete off road unit bar the tyres. The ones on the bike aren’t off road knobblies which surprises me but its a minor swap out. (Posted on 30/09/2015)
Once I received my batteries I tested each cell and each pack of 4 cells for voltage differences from the manufacturer. I then connected the four packs in series to quickly test the smart charger. Once I verified that the smart charger was working properly, I then started to install the LED balancer modules on each of the 16 cells. Each of these balance modules installed without any issues. Each 12-volt four-pack then needed to be connected in series to each other to make the 48-volt pack required to run the motor. The extra connector bars that I ordered didn’t quite reach from one battery to the other, so I flattened them down with a hammer to extend their length. The length was perfect and it also allowed me to put a small piece of cardboard between the batteries for shock protection.
Just keep going, grinding, climbing, and eventually you’ll reach the top. – If you need more Monday motivation check out @mersendyclimberson’s feed. It’ll have you planning a climbing trip ASAP. 🧗🏻‍♀️ by @mersendyclimberson 📷by @tradprincess.
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Choose an electric bike from top brands like Razor, Monster Moto and Jetson, and your child will be burning rubber in no time! In sporty colors like yellow, green and red, your little rider can cruise in style at speeds of up to 15 mph. Adventures can usually last up to 40 minutes, or 10 miles, on a single battery charge. To ensure you get the right bike for your child, carefully examine the age and weight restrictions of your new electric bike.
Of all the machines on this list, only one has been used as a commuting device, and has been driven thousands of miles. Hats off to Cedric Lynch for building the undisputed most practical speedster on this list. The Farfle bike deserves mention because he has claimed to put over 1,000 miles on this bike commuting.

Safariland Patrol Bike

Safariland partnered with Kona to create the Patrol police bike. We thought its features would ideally serve the hunter and had it custom-painted brown for better concealment. The basic bike features a Kona Racelight Aluminum 7005 frame, hydraulic disc brakes, RockShox front forks, Shimano 30-speed drivetrain, and a solid rear rack. Best of all, it sports 29-inch wheels for increased off-road capabilities over rough terrain and obstacles.
To all that sit back and bash fanny packs, have you actually worn any of the products tested? Have you ever felt how nice it is to have nothing on your back and shoulders? A relatively small load – what, 3-4 pounds max? – carried by a well-designed waist strap is not going to constrict your waist or hamper breathing. Since you’re probably shuttling up, instead of earning your descent, there’s not going to be much huffing and puffing anyway if your body protests. Also, those of you with a waist size larger than your hips are inherently exempt, since the pack will constantly be sliding off your [trendy and expensive beer] gut…
Small lightweight crimp connectors were used to connect the wires. The positive and negative wires from the battery were soldered to provide extra strength. All wires were then heat shrinked and wrapped with electrical wire to create the wiring harness.
Today I’m going to spill the beans on three new items of riding gear I’ve been getting friendly with. Each piece is pretty stylish and stealthy, in my humble opinion, but it’s the integrated safety tech that stands out with these.
One of the most affordable recumbent tadpole trikes I’ve tested, you do have to pay an additional $350 for shipping but it comes “ready to ride” so you can hop right on. The 48 volt battery supports increased power and higher speeds for the 500 watt internally……
Carry 6″ Schedule 40 or 80 PVC pipe on your existing truck-bed rack. Carriers attach to the crossbars using the included saddle brackets and stainless steel mounting hardware. Cast-aluminum door with a spring-loaded latching mechanism and rubber gasket for protection from the elements.
The EeMule is an awesome instrument in back country hunting! This Electric bike finally delivers the needs of the DIY hunter wanting to get in where others don’t travel. With an excellent powerful mot…or to get you in and also haul your game and camp out. I have tried multiple ebikes and this is the best one I have used for real rugged hunting. See More
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