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An “unthinkable” tragedy: Two people die in tree well accidents at Oregon’s Mt. Bachelor ski area. Officials called the powder ‘fluffy’ and ‘easy to ski.’ It brought thousands to the ski resort over the weekend. But those conditions also belied a very real danger: tree wells
The next step is to remove your crank set. This usually involves using a hex tool to remove your crank arms, and then using a crank puller tool to pull the crank assembly away from your bottom bracket. Once you have the crank set removed from your bike you will need to remove your bottom bracket. The bottom bracket will generally unscrew using a special tool that matches your specific bottom bracket as there are several different models. Now you are down to the hole in the bottom of the frame. This is a good time to clean this part of your bike before you attach the new mid-drive motor assembly.
Some people may not be aware that when it comes to bows, there is a difference between hunting bows and target bows. A hunting bow has a shorter axle to axle length. The newer bows can be as short as 32”, and because of this, it is a lot easier for the hunter to move in a tree stand. Also, they are usually camouflaged so the prey cannot see the bow. A target bow is the opposite, as it has a longer axle to axle length. This makes them a little more forgiving and are far more stable. These bows are a little more cumbersome and they usually are brightly colored.
We’re completely independent, so you can trust our test results and reviews. Sure, we get offered free samples, but that might compromise our investigations – so we never accept them. We perform deep product research, interviewing experts and consulting with product owners to find out what’s best. An electric bike’s style and construction are important factors to consider before making a purchase.
The suggested tyre pressure is 40 psi (as indicated on the tyre rim). I’ve discussed this with some experienced bikers and they expressed concern that it might be a little low and could cause ‘pinching’ punctures on the rim when going over harder objects at speed. This was more my concern for the puncture on the front wheel, however that is only a theory, and as I’ve already said, it could also have been a piercing puncture. However I will keep an eye out for more punctures in the future and hope that my addition of rim tape and puncture resistant tubes will stop any further flat tyres from occurring.
It seems the “enduro” mtbing category has pretty much ripped off the Enduro dirtbikers completely. First, the helmets, then the racing format (Time trial style), then the fannypacks for tools, now even Schwalbe’s “new” tire chambered system copies the motos! What’s next? The engine? Oh wait…
There are two small pockets made of fine mesh. They’re not ideal for anything you’re afraid might poke through, but are very light weight. The entire pack is backed by a well ventilated mesh and foam liner.
The EeMule is an awesome instrument in back country hunting! This Electric bike finally delivers the needs of the DIY hunter wanting to get in where others don’t travel. With an excellent powerful mot…or to get you in and also haul your game and camp out. I have tried multiple ebikes and this is the best one I have used for real rugged hunting. See More
While its burly build and big tires are all about rough weather, its e-assisted drivetrain is aimed at sure-footed, reliable commuting. Electric bikes like the Pedego Trail Tracker make riders choose between motored propulsion and pedaling, but the Big Easy uses a pedal-assisted powertrain that provides an extra boost to get riders from point A to point B a little faster, with a little less effort. Motor assistance can also be useful for carrying heavy gear or helping the rider muscle through a particularly tough, sticky track of snow.
“I thought I’d give a fat tire snow bike a try,” Spreng explains on Defiant’s CrowdSupply campaign. “It worked great on snow and ice, but it wasn’t fast enough for me. So, I put an electric motor on my snow bike. It was brilliant. Now I could go 15 to 20 miles per hour on snow-covered trails and roads while still getting a terrific workout. That’s really how Defiant Bicycles and the Big Easy model were born.”
But when trucks, four-wheelers and marching hunters break the eight-month silence and begin spreading foreign smells through the woods, it takes almost no time at all before the deer completely change their ways, transforming, seemingly overnight, into nervous, mostly nocturnal animals that proceed with caution, scenting the wind before emerging from thick cover. They pattern human movement — not difficult to do when humans are associated with running motors and exhaust fumes.
Fanny packs. If enduro wasn’t already the lamest marketing trend since 27.5″ wheels, the ass backwards 80’s fanny pack has suddenly reared its ugly head in some misguided sort of pseudo euro fashion statement. Damn it.
An approachable, mid-step, high-speed, urban electric bike with six levels of pedal assist plus throttle mode that can override with full power. Fairly comfortable with larger tires, a basic suspension fork, and cheap seat post shock… the……
They all have relatively long chainstays too, which further boosts stability. While this is normally related to tyre size, the orientation of the motor plays an even bigger part, which is why the Giant has the longest chainstays, even though it has the smallest wheel size.
If you’re new to hunting, you want to find the best hunting bow for a beginner and that is the Bear Archery Brave Bow Set. This bow set features a high quality bow that has a 15 to 20 inch draw length and a 15 to 20 draw weight. The set includes 2 safety glass arrows, an arm guard, two piece arrow quiver, pin sight, and an arrow rest. This set has everything that your young hunter may need to get out there and land their first catch.
The only thing left was to add a double kickstand and some lights. The kickstand is really important for a bike of this weight. In my case, the kickstand makes it easier to unload and load my young son from the bike trailer I pull behind me. I simply flip down the kickstand and then the bike is stable.
Currently I get about 20-30km (round trip range) using a combination of power levels (from http://huntneqip.com 1 to highest, 9) depending on the headwind, ground surface, hilliness and how fast I want to go. I’m pretty sure I could extend this to the suggested 40km if I used only power level 1 or 2, with pedal assist, but I bought this bike for speed, so typically I’m in the power level 3 through 8 range. 🙂
If you type “diy electric bike” in your favorite search engine, you will find a barrage of information from electric drill bikes to the top 10 most expensive electric bikes. The information can be daunting and lead you in many directions, only to cause confusion with so many choices.
The Hunter 750W Mid-Drive eBike was my first eBike purchase. After months of meticulous research and deciding that I didn’t have the technical skills to attach a kit to my own bike, I purchased this beauty Sept 2015. I’ve had it for a couple of weeks now and use it to go everywhere.
The Dogati super electric bike (see story here) is an Astro Flight 3220 powered machine running through a NuVinci variable transmission. This awesome bike is capable of  incredible acceleration, frightening hill climbing, and blistering top speed. This E-bike is one of the most elaborate and beautiful DIY bikes ever, (read about top 10 elegant ebikes) and it was crafted from the ground up (not a converted bicycle, like almost every other bike on this list). Make note of the special-order extra-wide wheel rims, which allow the use of heavy-duty moped tires.
They also have a strong but lightweight cart you can pull behind your bike. Load it up with treestands, hunting gear, or pull your trophy whitetail out of the woods on it. This little workhorse can handle loads of up to 300 pounds!
Running. This is No. 1 because you must push all your weight forward with the largest muscles in your body – legs – and you use all your muscles – legs, core, shoulders, arms. If you’re overweight or out of shape, start by walking, and then progress to jogging and running as you get in shape. Other great cardio builders are the Stairmaster, NordicTrack, elliptical, treadmill, and other machines that rely on the legs while bringing the entire body into play. Work up to a minimum of an hour a day, four to five times per week.
Progress is so rapid that in many ways it’s feels like the dawn of mountain biking once again. Geometry is all over the map, new bands like Bosch are entering the mix, and MTB household names like Fox, SRAM and Shimano are all scrambling to develop bespoke ebike components.
Seeing as you’re reading this, chances are you’re one of a growing number of riders that have fully embraced the new technology and the riding possibilities that pedal assist mountain bikes have opened up to both young and old riders alike.
If you’re completely new to ebikes, check out this short video overview and e-book guide that’s free on Amazon if you’ve got Prime. It’s full of pictures and examples to get you acclimated to the space. I’ve also done an in depth video interview about ebikes with my uncle since he has been riding one to work every day for over a year now.
Top of the line 500 watt electric bike kit with a focus on acceleration and low end torque for climbing. Unique center-spoked design for improved comfort and wheel durability, narrow casing accommodates a larger cassette……

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