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Fanny packs. If enduro wasn’t already the lamest marketing trend since 27.5″ wheels, the ass backwards 80’s fanny pack has suddenly reared its ugly head in some misguided sort of pseudo euro fashion statement. Damn it.
Virgin terrain is harder and harder to find, so Bengel and his team went East – all the way to the shores of the Bering Sea that sits between Alaska and Russia – and they found some of the freshest, most unspoilt land on the planet.
Electric bikes do, indeed, come in folding bike form. The Vektron by Tern features 20 inch wheels, and a Bosch battery that can reach 20mph. Each charge of the battery will see it last from 40 to 80 miles, depending how much you use it.
A high-end, full suspension, electric mountain bike, with the high-torque Brose S mid-motor, and a high-capacity 37 volt 17.5 amp hour Lithium-ion battery, excellent weight distribution with hidden drive systems. Rugged all-mountain performance with 150 mm RockShox air suspension front and rear, 15 mm and……
On private land, a bike offers the benefit of getting in and out without spooking the deer onto adjacent properties — let the ATV riders push them to you! — while on public land it gives you an advantage over other hunters, getting you well off the main thoroughfares, past gates, and away from the hunters dependent on roads and big trails, and even those willing to do some walking in the woods.
The Recreational Trails Program (RTP) is an assistance program of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). The RTP provides funds to the States to develop and maintain recreational trails and trail-related facilities for motorized and nonmotorized recreational trail uses. Learn more by visiting the U.S. Department of Transportation’s website.
Johnson hunts on-the-go with the bike along remote forest trails. We must note that we do not recommend riding with a loaded gun. We also urge readers to check local and state regulations first if they decide to pedal into the forest in pursuit of game.
Distance, max speed, work load – the SPT2 fitness wearable provides athletes and coaches deeper levels of performance analysis. Call it high tech, call it improved training – just don’t call it a bra. Read More…
Mountain bikers love to moan. If we’re not complaining about the advancing tide of new standards, then we are bitching about never having enough time to ride our soon-to-be-out-of-date bikes. Talk about First World problems!
Based on the opinions that have been shared by the people who have used it, this is a good option because it is lightweight. In spite of being light, its performance can be comparable to the full bows from the same manufacturer, with the only difference being that the latter are heavier. This product comes with five years of limited warranty from the manufacturer.
The Liveforphysics bike and the Thud E-bikes are the bikes that were race proven, racing on twisty swirvey race tracks against other electric bikes and also gas-powered bikes. Motomoto’s bike and the Dogati are also race worthy given that they are lightweight and well balanced, but have not yet been raced.
One of the most powerful, fastest accelerating, quietest, and beautifully designed electric bikes I have ever tested, premium drivetrain and custom battery. Surprisingly lightweight and well balanced front to rear considering the large 750 watt hub motor,……
If you’re looking for the best hunting bow for the money that you are looking to spend, you want to make sure that it is adjustable so that you can get the best range. This bow presses the limits of performance and is incredibly versatile. The draw length ranges from 13 to 30 inches. The draw weight electric hunting bike range from a mere 5 pounds to an incredible 70 pounds. With such a wide draw range, you can expect this bow to be dependable, no matter the distance the target. The Infinite Edge comes with an infinite draw setting that is ideal for training programs, beginners, and even bow fishers.
Farfle decided one motor was not enough for his latest race bike creation and took 2 Golden Motor Magic Pies and joined them into one. He re-made many of the parts inside the motor.  He then laboriously (over 40  hours)  rewound his Frankenstein hub motor (a grueling job) and cut air cooling holes to end up with one of the most powerful hub motors ever put on a bicycle .The bicycle itself was purpose built from Autocad files to welding bench, to final frame. This bike has a top speed of over 70mph and still is used as a commuter and has over a thousand miles on it.  Recommend Farfle to bulders everywhere: Build to last…
Tim was a great help when I was looking for a new bike. I’m really happy with my purchase. Will be going back to get my twin grandsons their first pedal bikes from them. Really knowledgeable good cust…omer service but not pushy. Really happy to see such a great store run by an awesome team. See More
I ran across a forum on www.bikeforums.net about using prismatic LifeP04 batteries for solar power storage (http://www.bikeforums.net/electric-bikes/900011-first-ebike-build.html). The second comment by turbo1859 caught my eye. I paid close attention to how he has previously constructed his battery packs using the prismatic cells. I ultimately chose these batteries for the simplicity of balancing the cells, and the ability to remove or replace cells in the future without having to rip apart the battery pack and remove the cells that are soldered together. I could simply replace a cell without having to solder a new one in series or parallel within the pack. The problem with these batteries is they are not lightweight. I believe all 4 packs weigh about 26 pounds.

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