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My first idea was to devise a means of carrying the bow across the handlebars somehow, but they were too narrow, and the handbrakes were in the way, so that proved impractical. The handlebars would have to serve another purpose. A visit to a local bike shop produced a large handlebar-mounted basket; perfect for carrying my backpack or other bulky items, it removes easily when not needed. A fanny pack fastened to the handlebars is another good option for carrying smaller items.
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Now that I have built this bike, I think that I overdid the battery pack a bit with the weight, but the increased capacity, once a week charge requirement, and other pros have justified my positive opinion of this design. The bike literally helped transform my life. I no longer drive to work everyday, I ride my bike instead. Even during the cold winter months, I bundle up my 2-year-old son and transport him to school. I’m riding 90% of the time, which has drastically cut the carbon emissions I was generating.
The Motomoto home-built Santa Cruz is the fastest electric bike I have ever ridden (or heard of) which actually still  feels like a bike. The entire bike and power system weighs only 60-lbs, and puts out close to 10-HP with its 5-lb Astro motor that’s being fed 8000 watts. Ten horsepower on a light weight bike is an awful lot of power when its run through the pedal gears, and it can be seen propelling this Santa Cruz down-hill bike to 65-MPH on the following video:
The Liveforphysics bike and the Thud E-bikes are the bikes that were race proven, racing on twisty swirvey race tracks against other electric bikes and also gas-powered bikes. Motomoto’s bike and the Dogati are also race worthy given that they are lightweight and well balanced, but have not yet been raced.
I have done over 200 km on this bike so far and it lives up to its specs, especially its top speed and acceleration. There are bikes out there, specifically the Specialised Turbos, which are similar in specs but much higher in price point (+$2000) – so its definitely competitively priced. The only issue I have had on it is the battery life. However that’s because I am 104 kg and my backpack is usually 6 kg and I always ride it in the highest power output level, the higher gears, with little or no peddling, and I live in a hilly area (some hills being 50% incline) – so its expected I would get less range (I get a range of 15 km). (Posted on 7/04/2016)
Combining some eating restraint with exercise, I dropped to an ideal 165, and I’ve held that weight ever since with a simple plan: 1) Cut out the ice cream. As an ice cream-aholic, I had to break the habit (with the exception of birthdays and an occasional celebratory Coldstone after a great hunting trip or race). Maybe your weakness is soda. Drink water. Identify your weakness and go on the wagon. 2) Stick with two helpings. I used to eat until I could eat no more. Now I hold myself to two reasonable helpings.
A trail-worthy speed pedelec with premium accessories like aluminum fenders, integrated Supernova lights, a removable color LCD display, and regenerative braking. Very well balanced, especially for a hub-motor electric bike, the air fork, hollow-spindle bottom bracket,……
A three-wheeled electric assist box bike designed to transport up to four children, includes a locking bench seat cargo cubby, full fenders and chain guard, optional canvas cover to keep the kids dry. Solid braking with two 160 mm mechanical disc brakes up front and a linear pull……
If you have always wanted to hit the field with confidence but never had the opportunity to use specialized gear that allows you to raise up to par, you might be interested in checking out the SAS Sergeant 55 27-29. This is a compound bow that’s as smooth as possible and that makes hitting the target as easy as pie.
One of the most beautiful, well balanced electric bikes I’ve ever tested, silent belt drive with internally geared eight speed Shimano Alfine hub. Modest 250 watt front hub motor (custom tuned), perfectly integrated downtube battery and new optional……
Keep in mind that where I hunt in Minnesota it is legal to have your gun uncased and loaded while riding a bike. I have certainly toyed with the idea of having an ATV style rack on the handlebars, but that means I can not travel tight twisty trails and I do like the fact that the upright scabbard allows for quick handling.
Rambo and Felt offer bikes with electric assist motors. The lithium ion batteries give you speeds of up to 20 mph and will travel 19 miles between charges on motor use alone. You can use the motor as a pedal assist if you like, which will give you even more distance on a battery. Sweating up a steep hill? Just switch on the motor for some assistance. There is some question about using the electric power on properties where no motorized vehicles are allowed, but a representative from Rambo told me the bike has been okayed by several state wildlife agencies.
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What if, however, there was a First World solution that enabled you to ride more? We’re not talking about stretching the space-time continuum, knocking off early from work or making mountain bike orphans of your children every weekend… even if the solution is just as socially unacceptable to some. No, we’re talking about electric mountain bikes!
• Extra Battery Pack – Samsung 48V10.4Ah lithium-ion battery delivers up to 19 miles of travel on one charge without pedaling and even more by adding pedaling power. Features a built-in USB port for charging electronic devices.
A custom designed electric trike with large plastic cargo bin at the back, three-speed internally geared hub can be shifted at standstill and is more durable than a traditional derailleur. Two mechanical disc brakes provide good stopping power, max speed limited to 7 mph in……
The pouch has a central compartment, a smaller sleeve that’s slim enough for your phone or wallet, and a key ring. While it is the smallest bag of the group, the pack is capable of holding four 12oz cans. More practically, it was capable of holding all the essentials, plus a compact jacket. Because of the lack of internal dividers, the added benefit of stuffing a jacket in the bag was that it prevented items from jostling around.
Mountain bikers love to moan. If we’re not complaining about the advancing tide of new standards, then we are bitching about never having enough time to ride our soon-to-be-out-of-date bikes. Talk about First World problems!
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The mid-drive kit slides through your bottom bracket and is screwed down tight on the other side with 2 hex screws tightened to 35-40nm of force. This is quite a bit of force and is typically how much force one person can generate with a hand tool using all of their might. One thing to note is that after two weeks of riding my bike, I had to re-tighten the mid-drive hex screws. I also had to re-tighten the screws holding my rear rack to the bike. Re-examining your bike for loose components is necessary for any bike, but even more so for electric bikes because the forces applied to them tend to be higher over time. Once you have the mid-drive kit installed on your bottom bracket the rest is pretty easy. Simply route the cables coming out of the motor to the designated locations on your bike.
Liveforphysics now works for Zero electric motorcycles, and was instrumental in building the 100-mile range 2012 Zero battery pack. In his off time, LFP’s passionate hobby is building the fastest electric bikes (with pedals) on the planet. He is #1 on our list of most influential E-bike people. In his spare time he rides around town on his beast which he claims is mild mannered, efficient, and controllable when not pinning the throttle wide open. Liveforphysics is a brash display of electric bike technology…and a breath of fresh air in a community dominated by more conservative and slower thinkers.
By offering our customers the best electric bikes and conversion kits possible, along with an industry leading warranty and ever improving after sales service, we have grown from a modest local business to one of the largest international manufacturers and suppliers of ebikes and ebike kits – while keeping our small business values.
Then it stopped abruptly to peer intently at something through the woods, head bobbing up and down as it strained to make sense of the object of curiosity — and I saw that my bike was actually much closer than I had realized, less than 10 yards from the matriarch. The animal finally seemed satisfied that the inanimate object was no threat and resumed feeding on white oak acorns.
Rambo also has several accessories for the hunter in mind. They have a universal gun and bow holder that you can attach directly to the bike frame. That way, you can focus on biking through the rugged terrain, while knowing your weapon is safely secured to the bike.
As it turns out, what makes an e-bike tick isn’t really that different to a regular mountain bike. Sure, e-MTBs are a lot heavier and unless you’re taking performance-enhancing drugs, it’s unlikely that you’re blasting up every trail as quickly as you normally bomb down them.
After three years of rough use, the vinyl covering has held up surprisingly well, marred only by a few predictable chips and scuffs, and the olive drab base coat continues to prevent any glare or reflections.
The best Electra Townie Go! design I’ve tested to date, better weight distribution, increased efficiency and greater power thanks to the Bosch Performance Cruise drive system. Available in six different colors with matching aluminum fenders, chain guard, rims and carry rack,……
Three vietnam veterans (Nick Ryder, Cody Allen and Murray Bozinsky) now work as private eyes in sunny southern California. Nick and Cody are the muscles and Murray is a computer wizard of … See full summary »
I ran across a forum on www.bikeforums.net about using prismatic LifeP04 batteries for solar power storage (http://www.bikeforums.net/electric-bikes/900011-first-ebike-build.html). The second comment by turbo1859 caught my eye. I paid close attention to how he has previously constructed his battery packs using the prismatic cells. I ultimately chose these batteries for the simplicity of balancing the cells, and the ability to remove or replace cells in the future without having to rip apart the battery pack and remove the cells that are soldered together. I could simply replace a cell without having to solder a new one in series or parallel within the pack. The problem with these batteries is they are not lightweight. I believe all 4 packs weigh about 26 pounds.
Cycling. Biking doesn’t give the quick cardio returns of running because you (probably) cannot hit your training heart rate as quickly. That’s because you’re essentially using only your legs, and the bike seat supports most of your weight.
Weighing in at under 27 pounds, the new EP0 Ultralightweight Electric Bicycle (up on Kickstarter now) from Maxwell Motorbikes aims to aid in daily commutes and adventurous bike excursions. Not only is it one of the lightest electric bikes on the…
Our All Terrain electric fat bike is the ideal electric bike for hunting thanks to it’s whisper-quiet operation, 20+ mile range on throttle only and 28 mph top speed. The 4″ tires are ready to roll smoothly over all types of terrain from soft mud to deep snow. See how we’re quickly changing the game for hunters all across America with our affordable and high quality electric fat bike.

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  1. The frame and fork receive a tough Realtree Xtra® camouflage finish and the components are anodized black and bead blasted to a no-glare finish. Multiple finish options include Realtree Xtra®, Realtree Max4®, Realtree AP Blaze® or Forest green.
    Don’t be put off by its name, because Deadmans mountain bike loop offers a fun and active day for the whole family. Set out from Astills picnic area on this easy, flat ride, flanked by ironbark, spotted gum and flowering shrubs.
    Combining some eating restraint with exercise, I dropped to an ideal 165, and I’ve held that weight ever since with a simple plan: 1) Cut out the ice cream. As an ice cream-aholic, I had to break the habit (with the exception of birthdays and an occasional celebratory Coldstone after a great hunting trip or race). Maybe your weakness is soda. Drink water. Identify your weakness and go on the wagon. 2) Stick with two helpings. I used to eat until I could eat no more. Now I hold myself to two reasonable helpings.
    A solid all-around mid-drive electric bike kit with shift sensing, pedal assist and throttle override offering 500 watts of nominal power output. Two battery size options, available in downtube or rear rack styles, optional Race Face performance……
    Best known for their chocolate, watches and banks, the Swiss are also quite skilled bicycle makers as it turns out. If the BMC + Lamborghini collaboration wasn’t proof enough, see Stromer and new ST1 pedal-assisted electric bicycle. Now available for the first time stateside, the highly engineered electric bicycle resembles more of a city cruiser than the moped-looking bikes your delivery man rides—a design shift we’re more than pleased with. By leaning more toward a traditional frame geometry and monochrome colorway the new ST1 e-bike stands to go relatively unnoticed on the street—until it’s flying past the pack at up to 33 MPH that is.

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